You don’t have to pay, to make your own closed species char.

!! Disclaimer: I don’t know every regulation for every place of this planet, so please recheck with your local patent rights. !!

In short, there is no type of copyright or patent which can save a species design, to make it a closed species. But lets talk about the regulations.

There is the copyright, which just saves the one piece of art, maybe slight variations. But not the concept behind it. Also, there are regional design patents, made for stuff close to art but not counting as art like patterns or icons. Those also only save one special design, not variations. Case closed!? Let me go deeper.

Patents and copyrights are created to make sure no one sell what you created. They don’t make sure someone didn’t create something based on it. Quite the opposite, to make sure advancement won’t be handicapped you can work with copyrighted or patented content, just don’t can make money out of it. If there is a legit patent you would violate, which isn’t. BUT! …

There is a reason why you still should support the Artist who created a species you like. They put work and time in it, and this should be recognized. So, if there is an adopt you like, or you can commission the artist for a price you want too pay, do it. Also don’t be mad if someone didn’t pay. No one has to.

Closed Species from left to right: Orca Dragon, Grem, Primagen, Fluffy Shrimp, Wunderhase 😀

There are many more reasons why closed species didn’t work, but did you even read until here?