Sharks kill around 5 people each year…

I didn’t manage to find a „kill-count“ by Religion, but there are some numbers floating around. Since 1948 10 Million Moslem are killed at the hand of other Moslem, because of their Religion. The Global Terror Victim Count is 20.000 deads or more each year. Christianity showed her dark face with the Crusades and there is still the on going child abuse topic with the Vatican. Not to talk about abusing of women worldwide, because of strange „religious rules“. Not even the Buddhists are free of conflicts.

So what are the Sharks for? Humanity kill 100 Million Sharks each year. Just to make soup for Gourmet’s out of their fins, or other not-reasons. But there is a solution to this! Just let the Gourmet’s eat Cleric Soup®, so we allow the Sharks being happy Sharks and solve our religious issues.


Info for religious People: There is nothing to say against people who live after religious rules for themselves. Its against all people, organizations and institutions who misuse the rules as excuse for their unethical stuff.